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FACT CHECK: Farm bill doesn't end food stamps
WASHINGTON (AP) — One after another, angry Democrats took to the House floor to say Republicans would increase hunger in America by stripping food stamps from the farm bill. In reality, though, the bill passed by the House on Thursday didn't deal with ...
Retiring researcher help cut water usage of Florida foliage farmers
And it's similar with the potted, indoor house plants. It's a pretty significant industry and is worth more than a half-billion dollars at wholesale per year. They are almost all family-owned farms. It was something somebody can get into without ...
Once bipartisan, food stamps divide politicians
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Supporters of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- food stamps -- worry that a heated debate underway in Washington could end with big cuts to the program. The U.S. House of Representatives shocked many observers ...
Anger in the area over cuts to food stamps
For the first time in 40 years, Congress has decided to give subsidies to farmers - many of them rich - while offering nothing to fund the food-stamp program that experts believe keeps poor Americans from starving. The decision last week comes ...
Never-say-die play symbol of Stamps' resilience
Rarely does one play on the football field define a season — or a team. The Calgary Stampeders, however, believe they’ve found the video evidence of a sequence of events that tells people everything they need ... left in the third quarter.
Injuries take toll on Eskimos receiver Fred Stamps
VANCOUVER — Of all of the friendships that have come through his seven years with the Edmonton Eskimos, there’s only one that Fred Stamps wishes was less familiar. At least, in the way it’s developed. “I was talking to our trainer, Nate, last week ...
Stamps pull off largest CFL comeback since first quarter, scoring 35 straight against Als
Jon Cornish (9), Marquay McDaniel and the Stamps had plenty to celebrate Saturday.For one quarter of Saturday night's first CFL game, it looked like rookie head coach Dan Hawkins and the Montreal Alouettes might have found a way to turn their season around.
Food stamps helped me serve my country. Don't cut them now
When you hear about cuts to food stamps and picture whom this affects, add the image of a second world war veteran whose retirement benefits aren't quite enough, the children of a national guard soldier who lost his civilian job in the economic downturn ...
Food Stamps Debate Deserves Facts, Not Myths
Food stamps should be every conservative's favorite benefit program. It's a rare success story with a narrow mission, costs that link directly to impact, and a proven record of effectiveness. An April 2012 USDA report credited the program with ...
Royals pose for postage stamps
Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit will both turn 40 later this summer, so the Norwegian postal service (Posten) decided it was a good opportunity to feature them on some stamps. Then their family joined in as well. Haakon turns ...
From Food Stamps To Milk Subsidies, Farm Bill Stretching The Limits Of Ideological Purity
But King’s decision to find the virtue in flexibility isn’t just about food stamp cuts. King hails from Iowa’s Fourth District, and a massive part of his state is dominated by the agricultural industry. Farm bills have provided states with billions ...
18 Mayors: Limit Use of Food Stamps to Buy Soda
The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which runs the food stamp program, declined to comment on Tuesday's letter; representatives for House ... used food stamps — technically, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The benefits ...
Wonkbook: Pass the farm bill, or these kids on food stamps get it
There’s a farm bill reauthorization moving through Congress. And like everything else that moves through Congress it’s not moving with quite the alacrity that supporters want. So Rep. Mike Conaway, a Texas Republican, is offering an ...
Editorial: Food stamps need greater oversight
Uncle Sam is taking food out of the mouths of the needy? That perception of an amendment to the $1 trillion federal farm bill is tough to stomach. On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives tacked an amendment onto its version of the ...
Emanuel signs letter suggesting no food stamps for soda purchases
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has refused to ban soda from City Hall vending machines and has not joined the push to limit the size of sugary drinks people can buy, citing the importance of “personal responsibility.” That philosophy apparently does not ...
Stamps’ ferocious defensive line corrals Riders in pre-season finale
REGINA — Charleston Hughes touched down in the Queen City Thursday determined to renew acquaintances with one particular denizen of the East stands at Mosaic Stadium. “There’s a guy with a shaved head, and he’s always double-fisting with two beers ...
Morning Bell: Washington Is Cuckoo for Food Stamps
In an odd turn, House Republicans like John Boehner (R-OH) have thrown support behind this bill, which would lock in the Obama era’s historically high levels of food stamp spending. But this isn’t enough for the White House. President Obama ...
Food Stamps Soda Ban Proposed By 18 US Cities
A food stamps soda ban is in the works for 18 major United States cities. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, food stamps cuts could harm children in the poorest families. Current statistics show that 47 Americans use food stamps under SNAP.
Food Stamps Changes Helped Defeat House Farm Bill
The surprising collapse of the farm bill Thursday was due in part to Democratic revolts over changes to eligibility standards for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps ... income workers put food on the table ...
House votes due on crop subsidies, food stamps
WASHINGTON (AP) — The House is expected to vote Thursday on cuts to government farm subsidies and food stamps as lawmakers move toward passage of a five-year, half trillion-dollar farm bill. Republican leaders have said they want to finish voting on the ...
How Food Stamps Killed the Farm Bill
The House of Representatives’ farm bill was crammed with so many questionable giveaways that watchdogs couldn’t decide which was the worst. In the end, however, it wasn’t sushi subsidies or millions of dollars of weather radio ...
Rahm Emanuel, Food Stamps And Soda: Mayor Interested In Curbing Soda Purchases Made With SNAP
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is exploring the potential to ban soda purchases using SNAP subsidies. (Shutterstock) Whether you call it soda, pop, Coke or fizz, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn't sure you should be able to purchase it with funds from ...
Some ugly misconceptions about food stamps
It’s back to the drawing board as Congress voted against its farm bill Thursday in an unexpected defeat for legislation relied upon to set U.S. food policy. Some conservative Republicans thought the bill didn't curtail enough spending, while ...
Louie Gohmert Argues Against Food Stamps, Claiming People Buy King Crab Legs With Benefits (VIDEO)
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) argued to the House of Representatives on Thursday that cutting food stamp benefits is not evil. Constituents have repeatedly experienced people buying seemingly lavish items with food stamps, he said, giving one ...
House farm bill moves ahead with big cut in food stamps
The House Agriculture Committee approved a five-year, $500 billion farm bill on a 36-10 vote. The next step will be debate by the full House, which is likely to start in June. Congress is months late in writing a new farm law. The Senate ...
Food stamps fight: 8 things you need to know
A political fight is brewing over food stamps.As the number of recipients of federal food aid has increased in recent years, some in Congress are questioning the spending.The fight will soon boil over as Congress debates how much to cut food ...
Food stamps hang in the balance as lawmakers debate cost
Senate committee approves striking $4.1 billion from program, House committee backs cuts five times as large Following the economic collapse of 2008, it's estimated that one in seven households rely on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better ...
Postal Service to issue stamps marking Civil War battles
The U.S. Postal Service is issuing special commemorative stamps for the 150th anniversaries of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battle of Vicksburg — two pivotal battles in the Civil War. On Thursday in Pennsylvania, a special day-of-issue ...
Food Stamps and Farm Programs: Some Things Just Don’t Go Together
For years, some Members of Congress have thought that food stamps and farm programs—while very distinct from each other—are a great political fit. As Senator Thad Cochran (R–MS), ranking member of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry ...
LIVE ELECTION BLOG: Stamps wins Jackson City Council seat (9:46 p.m. update)
1863 votes against. In a separate vote, 1872 voters have approved the sale of wine and beer, while 1841 oppose. With seven more of the county’s 19 ballot boxes yet to be counted, it’s still up in the air if the most northeastern county in ...
Senate votes to make small cut to food stamps in farm bill
WASHINGTON — The Senate has voted to keep a $400 million annual cut — or roughly a half of 1 percent — to the food stamp program in a farm bill it is considering this week. Food stamps now cost almost $80 billion annually. The chamber ...
Inspection Uncovers Suspiciously Large Number of Extra Stamps for Bulgarian Electoral Commissions
While the scandal with the 350 000 illegally printed ballots discovered hours ahead of the May 12 snap elections is being investigated, an inspection indicated a large number of extra stamps produced for sectional electoral commissions.
Stamps.com to Present at 14th Annual B-Riley & Co. Investor Conference
EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwired - May 17, 2013) - Stamps.com® (STMP), the leading provider of USPS® postage online and shipping software to over 450,000 customers, today announced that its Co-President and Chief Financial Officer, Kyle Huebner, will present ...
Bolton: Why put weight of obesity in South Carolina just on food stamp recipients?
But I’m struggling in this instance because this crusade is directed toward all poor people, not all overweight people or the fat ... being healthier. Those who want fatty foods are still going to get them, one way or another. Which suggests ...
El SEGUNDO, CA - May 17, 2013 - Stamps.com® (Nasdaq:STMP), the leading provider of USPS® postage online and shipping software to over 450,000 customers, today announced that its Co-President and Chief Financial Officer, Kyle Huebner, will present at the ...
Morning Bell: A Bumper Crop of Food Stamps
Yet the “farm” bill, a recurring subsidy-fest in Congress, is actually 80 percent food stamps and other government nutrition programs. The food stamps sweeten the farm deal for lawmakers, who admit that the combination works for their ...
Senate votes to make small cut to food stamps
Food stamps now cost almost $80 billion annually and are used ... The rolls rose rapidly because of the economic downturn, rising food prices and expanded eligibility under the 2009 economic stimulus law. Republicans criticized President Barack ...
Lowey, Maloney part ways over farm bill that slashes food stamps
The proposed cuts come as the Hudson Valley's food stamp rolls are growing more than three times as fast as New York State's and 10 times as fast as New York City's ... bill was extended when Congress failed to act on a new bill last year.
The Fincher That Stole Food Stamps
Fincher's $70,000 farm subsidy haul in 2012 dwarfs the average 2012 SNAP benefit in Tennessee of $1,586.40, and it is nearly double of Tennessee's median household income. After voting to cut SNAP by more than $20 billion, Fincher joined his ...
Stamps.com Makes a Move: Down 1.6%
One of today's stocks on the move is Stamps.com (NASDAQ:STMP), down 1.6% to $23.63. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now trading fractionally lower to 14,590 and the S&P is trading 0.2% lower to 1,548. Over the past year, Stamps.com has traded in a ...
Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb's career celebrated with stamps
The life of the late Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb is to be celebrated by a set of stamps, issued by Isle of Man Post. The eight stamp set will be launched on 24 April to coincide with the posthumous release of his album '50 St Catherine's Drive' later this year.
Church treasurer who stole £70,000 from fund to buy stamps sells his collection to repay victims
A church treasurer who plundered £70,000 from two churches to fuel his stamp addiction has paid the money back after selling his valuable collection. Derek Klein, 58, handed over his last payment of £6,990 nearly six years after he was jailed over the ...
Beaverton police officer arrested for unlawfully using food stamps
BEAVERTON, Ore. – A Beaverton Police officer was arrested Friday for a series of charges including unlawfully obtaining and using food stamps. Christopher Warren, 32, turned himself into the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Friday ...
Food Stamps Are Key Component to Getting Farm Bill Passed
Senate Agriculture Committee ranking member Thad Cochran, R-Miss., defended federal nutrition programs Tuesday to a group of agricultural journalists, and in the process demonstrated why dealing with food stamps may be harder this year than in ...
Free Royal Mail Stamp Cards!
The May 2013 issue gives away the full pack of 17 postcards, featuring all eleven Doctors, plus enemies like the Cybermen and Daleks, as well as including a three-page feature on the stamps and souvenirs. (Yes, all 17. Ignore the misprint on the ...
Food Stamps Invite Fraud, Government Dependence
Todd Cefaratti is the Freedom Organizer of TheTeaParty.net, which he founded in 2009. He is also the Editor of the Tea Party News Network which he founded in […] Todd Cefaratti is the Freedom Organizer of TheTeaParty.net, which he founded in 2009.
Live Wire: U.S. savings stamps still worth face value
Q: During World War II, they were selling U.S. savings stamps and I still have some that I purchased in 1945. What's their value and how can I turn them in? - S.M., Fayetteville A: They're worth their face value and you can redeem them in one of ...
'Simpsons' stamps to hit post offices (d'oh!)
LOS ANGELES, California (CNN)-- Homer Simpson and his cartoon family soon will help you get letters, bills and packages to their destinations. On Thursday, the U.S. Postal Service revealed five first-class stamps featuring characters from the ...
Cost of stamps to go up 2 cents
(CNN)-- Sending a letter will soon be a little more expensive, the U.S. Postal Service announced Tuesday. The price for a first-class mail stamp will increase 2 cents to 44 cents, starting May 11. The Postal Service said the price increase was ...
Putting its stamp on history
New Zealand's first stamps were issued in July 1855, just 15 years after the Penny Black was first stuck to an envelope in Britain. Posties were delivering the mail by the end of the 1860s, and the Post Office Savings Bank was established. In 1881 the ...
Gov. Christie signs food stamps law at the right time: Editorial
Gov. Chris Christie signed off on a bill that will give people on food stamps a better chance of becoming self-sufficient. And it won’t involve the state dipping heavily into its own strained finances. Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) can take a well ...
Coming Soon: Stamps.com Earnings
Comparing the upcoming quarter to the prior-year quarter, average analyst estimates predict Stamps.com's revenues will grow 7.4% and EPS will grow 14.7%. The average estimate for revenue is $30.4 million. On the bottom line, the average EPS ...
IRS employees charged with stealing benefits, food stamps
24 former and current IRS employees have been indicted for benefits fraud. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) When it comes to cheating the U.S. government, some federal employees seem to know a thing or two about how it's done. Twenty-four former and current ...
Duck stamps, tacos, coffees and other single-subject obsessions
Despite a diverse range of topics -- Mexican food, the coca plant, the world’s most complicated watch and the federal duck stamp art program -- the authors participating in Saturday's Festival of Books panel discussion “A Singular Passion ...
Why should food stamps pay for junk food?
Kudos to The Post’s Eli Saslow for a vivid story in Sunday’s paper about the burgeoning federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and its impact on struggling Woonsocket, R.I. Because of the 2008-09 recession and new ...
Pet food stamps become a reality
It’s a heartbreaking decision that thousands of devoted pet owners are forced to make every year: pay the bills or feed the dog or cat? The choice between paying for heat, water, or groceries and buying a bag of pet food is all too real for ...
Harvard stamps its brand on March Madness
Eight Presidents of the United States. Forty-seven Nobel Prize winners. Forty-seven more Pulitzer Prize recipients. Harvard, that bastion of Supreme Court justices, captains of industry and high school valedictorians, continued its rise in men's basketball ...
Food stamps put Rhode Island town on monthly boom-and-bust cycle
WOONSOCKET, R.I. – The economy of Woonsocket was about to stir to life. Delivery trucks were moving down river roads, and stores were extending their hours. The bus company was warning riders to anticipate “heavy traffic.” A community bank, soon to ...
Tiner: Raise your glass to Harry Stamps
There is so much to tell about the life of a person – their joys, suffering, loves, dislikes, accomplishments and so on – in the space of an obituary in the hometown newspaper. But it is what we always have done. It is tradition. This most significant ...
James Madison stamps tourney ticket
After winning the program's first NCAA tournament game in 30 years, James Madison sounds as if it's not done. March is here. Join the madness. Play Bracket Challenge for a chance to win $1,000,000! A.J. Davis, who stepped in as a starter because ...
Monster Beverage looks for a buzz from food stamps
It's marketing itself as a beverage instead of a supplement to qualify for sale to millions of consumers on the government program. The food stamp economy is no small slice of the U.S. population, and Monster Beverage (MNST) is taking notice. The company ...
Future of Medicaid and food stamps at stake
Paul Ryan's budget plan targets food stamps and Medicaid. Advocates for the poor worry about cuts to the safety net. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) More than $350 billion a year. That's how much the federal government spends on the nation's two largest ...
Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts: We must cut food stamps to save them
WASHINGTON — Once hailed as the savior of food stamps, Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts has introduced a bill to cut $36 billion from the federal aid program over 10 years. Up for re-election in 2014, the Republican says he’s trying to offer an ...
Old stamps a bad investment, but still good to send a letter
Bargain hunters will love this story. Stamp collectors? Not so much. For several years, local coin-and-stamp dealers have been selling discounted postage stamps — older stamps that have retained their face value for letter-mailing purposes but ...
PIMCO's Gross to auction off some of his historic U.S. stamps
(Reuters) - Bill Gross, who heads the world's largest mutual fund, will offer some items from his rare U.S. stamp collection for the first time in a public auction conservatively estimated to bring $1.5 million to $2 million. All proceeds from ...
Food stamps for Fido and Fluffy?
Yep, you heard that right: A nonprofit called Pet Food Stamps is taking applications to provide free supplies for low-income pet owners. The U.S. government is not involved. Again: not involved. Your tax dollars are not supporting someone's right to own ...
What Are Pet Food Stamps?
A new New York-based non-profit is gaining popularity with a program aimed at helping low income animal owners with the wellbeing of their pets. Several years ago, a friend of Marc Okon's told him that she was having financial difficulties and ...
Stock spotlight: Stamps.com delivering sales, profit growth
Stamps.com Inc. was typical of many companies that imploded during the dot-com crash more than a decade ago. Flush with start-up cash, it spent recklessly on employees, sprawling office space and acquisitions. Workers raced through the company's ...
Leesburg resident Emma Zaiac sorts stamps to help build Habitat houses
LEESBURG — Ninety-year-old Emma Zaiac may not swing a hammer, but she still builds houses. The Leesburg resident has been the head of Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter's stamp program for more than 20 years. The nonprofit collects and sells ...
Classic Muscle Cars Featured on US Postage Stamps
We don't really know how popular philately still is in the digitally-packed 21 Century, but if you're into it, you should run to the post office and check out the new Muscle Cars stamps. Designed by artist Tom Fritz, the new "Muscle Cars" series is ...
RIAA stamps its feet, demands Google do more to stop piracy
The Recording Industry Association of America is not easy to please. The Verge reports that the RIAA is once again bashing Google (GOOG) over its allegedly half-hearted efforts to combat online piracy by claiming that it has “found no evidence that ...
Postal Service unveils 5 muscle-car stamps
It's been 15 years, and I still won't forgive the U.S. Postal Service for destroying my 50th anniversary issue of Road & Track magazine. That thick, limited-edition copy arrived torn, taped and battered with a little yellow note on the cover stamped ...
Muscle Cars stamps to feature Newbury Park artist Tom Fritz's work
Pictures by an artist from Newbury Park will be featured on a series of postage stamps released Friday. The Postal Service commissioned Tom Fritz to create five stamps for their Muscle Cars (Forever) stamp series. The stamps, which will be ...
Bombing N. Korea with food stamps
President Barack Obama ought to give the North Koreans food stamps. Why not? Everybody else seems to be getting them. And we know the poor, hungry people of North Korea could use them. The idea came to me when I read that some 11,269 Americans a ...
Stamps march into CFL hall with Winfield
HAMILTON, Ont. — He was a double-threat, a player capable of turning a short completion into a huge play or burning the opposition on special teams. On Thursday, Earl Winfield received the highest individual honour a football player in this ...
Sorting stamps for Habitat is Emma Zaiac's 'full-time, overtime' job
LEESBURG — Sorting stamps to raise money for Habitat of Humanity of Lake-Sumter is an around-the-clock hobby for Emma Zaiac. Once the 90-year-old's volunteers separate stamps from envelopes, she sorts them by stock number according to her ...
Postage Stamps Overlook Earth's Tiny Creatures
What can postage stamps tell us about biodiversity conservation? When Andr? Nem?sio isn't studying biology, he collects stamps. Andr? and his colleagues Diana Seixas and Heraldo Vasconcelos recently cataloged the animals represented on hundreds of ...
Limited-edition stamps honor American muscle car legacy
The United States Postal Service is releasing a limited-edition selection of forever stamps Friday to commemorate America’s rich history, and love for everything Muscle Car. And who better to help dedicate the release of the new stamps than seven-time ...
Post and Prejudice: Royal Mail releases set of Jane Austen stamps on 200th anniversary of her masterpiece
A set of stamps featuring illustrations from Jane Austen novels has been released to mark the 200th anniversary of the writer's masterpiece Pride and Prejudice. The set includes newly-commissioned artwork depicting scenes from classic books Sense And ...
SNAP Trafficking: No More Food Stamps for Cash, USDA Says
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is cracking down on food stamp “trafficking” with new rules that make it illegal to indirectly trade food stamps for cash. The USDA is targeting abuse of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits ...
Millions of eligible Californians don't enroll for food stamps
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KFSN) -- About half the Californians who could receive food stamps, don't. That means California is missing out on billions of dollars in federal money that could be used to support local businesses. Nearly 3.5 million Californians are ...
England's Royal Mail unveils Jane Austen stamps 200 years after "Pride and Prejudice"
England's new stamps featuring Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy from the novel 'Pride and Prejudice'. / Press Association via AP Images HAMPSHIRE, England One of literature's most beloved couples - Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from "Pride and ...
Inmates received food stamps while behind bars
A Channel 4 I-Team investigation found 14 inmates earned more than $10,000 in food stamps, and most of that money has not been recovered. "I think they're trying to manipulate the system. And we've caught them now, you all have caught them," said Sen.
Four stamps released on Swami Vivekananda's 150th birth anniversary
JAMMU: The Department of Posts (DoP) here today released four special postage stamps and the First Day Cover on Swami Vivekananda on his 150th birth anniversary. Chief Postmaster General Jammu and Kashmir John Samuel today released the stamps and cover on ...
Stamps celebrate London Underground 150th anniversary
Special stamps to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground have gone on sale. Among the scenes on the 10 stamps are a steam locomotive, builders at work below the capital's streets and a carriage of Edwardian passengers. They have been issued ...
Red-hot 'roo stamps
Hopping … this block of six £2 Kangaroo stamps sold for $27,500 at Leski Auctions. Any outbreaks of spontaneous joy you may have witnessed this month could have been coming from stamp collectors, known as philatelists, celebrating the centenary of ...
Four stamps released on Vivekananda''s 150th birth anniversary
Jammu, Jan 12 (PTI) The Department of Posts (DoP) here today released four special postage stamps and the First Day Cover on Swami Vivekananda on his 150th birth anniversary. Chief Postmaster General Jammu and Kashmir John Samuel today released the stamps ...
Food Stamp Challenge: Week 2
To get a better sense of what challenges his clients face on a daily basis, Erik Talkin, the CEO of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, is living solely on food stamps for a month. He’s seven days in. Follow Talkin’s weekly updates — in which he ...
The Sticky World of Stamp Collections
The American Philatelic Society (APS) in Bellefonte, Penn., has over 33,000 members. Stamps trade actively, as well. Scott Trepel (left), president of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries Inc. in New York, reports that since 1930 his firm has run 1,037 ...
‘Doctor Who’ anniversary stamps to go on sale in England
This year marks the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” and to celebrate the landmark series, fans in England soon will be able to send mail with the Doctor’s face — all 11 of them. Beginning on March 26, the Royal Mail will offer “Doctor Who ...
Got Stamps? Don’t Know What To Do with Them? America’s Stamp Club Has the Answer — Come to the Stamp Show and Find Out
America’s Stamp Club is on the way to Louisville for its annual Winter Stamp Show. The show will be held at the Kentucky International Convention Center, 221 S. Fourth Street. The doors open daily at 10 a.m. and admission is free. Friday and Saturday the ...
Apple Stamps for Postcards Introduced in Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) - The Postal Service is introducing four apple stamps in a ceremony Thursday at the main post office in Yakima. The stamps depict four varieties of apples. Golden Delicious and Granny Smith are Northwest favorites. Northern Spy and ...
Are Food Stamps Just a Modern Day Soup Kitchen?
Are Food Stamps Just a Modern Day Soup Kitchen? That's the argument being made by liberal economist and New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman, the guy MoveOn.org wanted to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. “We have in some ways made things ...
SCARY Charts, Unhealthy Food Stamps, And Welfare Reform: Morning Roundup
-- Report questions food stamps' nutritional value. The Chicago Tribune says that the National Academy of Sciences is worried that the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, better known as food stamps, does not help poor people eat healthily enough.
Stamps Going Up By a Penny; Shipping Costs Also Increasing Jan. 27
A penny on the stamp — increasing it from 45 to 46 cents. Shipping packages with Priority Mail will be going up too, anywhere from 45 cents to as much as $1.40 per box.  Years ago, we might have rushed out to the post office to buy one-cent stamps or ...
Report questions food stamps' nutritional value
A report by a panel of experts released on Thursday questioned whether the U.S. government's food stamp program adequately provides for healthy diets for the more than 47 million low-income people who rely on the benefit. The report by the National Academy ...
Food stamps, Medicaid, WIC abusers have nerve
It’s no wonder this country is hurting with the way the government hands out food stamps, Medicaid, WIC and financial help. Why would these people want to work? I know two people who are more than capable of getting jobs but yet why should they — when ...
New stamps to feature Massachusetts apple
Bay State philatelists, rejoice: New postcard stamps issued by the US Postal Service feature artwork by a Massachusetts resident — and a Massachusetts apple. The four 33-cent stamps in the Apples series feature artwork by West Barnstable’s John ...
County Food Stamps Employee Charged with Embezzling
A Contra Costa County employee was arrested Thursday and charged with embezzling public assistance funds, county District Attorney Mark Peterson announced. The employee is a supervisor in the food stamps, or MediCal/CalFRESH, section of the county's ...
Contra Costa County employee accused of embezzling from food stamps unit
RICHMOND -- A supervisor with the food stamps unit of the Contra Costa Employment and Human Services Department was arrested Thursday on charges of embezzling thousands of dollars in public funds, falsifying records and identity theft.
Shares of Stamps.com Receive a Boost, Up 1.3%
Stamps.com (NASDAQ:STMP) is one of today's biggest movers, up 1.3% to $25.50. The S&P is currently trading 0.2% lower to 1,417 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading fractionally lower to 13,162. In the past 52 weeks, Stamps.com share prices have ...